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Drag Bits, Blade Bits, Spade Bits, Reverse Circulation Bits

Designed for faster penetration in softer unconsolidated formations.

We make a variety of drag bits for your soft, medium and hard formation drilling needs. Drag bits are the perfect solutions for mud, sand, sticky clay, and drilling out concrete and grout. They can be used to drill any type of hole and also a more economical solution for seismic drilling. 

Please give us a call toll-free at 1 (877) 817-0978 or (713) 429-5484 for a quote on your needs.  We have in stock and can build any size from 7/8" wide to 48" wide.  We can provide a custom design to improve your annular velocity in the borehole.

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Step Bit

Step bits are the most common type of drag bit used in the world today.  They are primarily designed for soft to medium formations.

Scratcher Bit

A Scratcher Bit is designed for soft formation such as sand.

Chevron Bit

Chevron bits are designed for medium to hard formation and are used in areas that contain a lot of rock and also in the oilfield for drilling out concrete casings and plugs.


Used to enlarge the hole and provide a consistent, smooth, wall within the borehole.


Used to reduce cavitation in the borehole.