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Mining & Construction Overview

Custom Bits

At Lone Star Bit, we specialize in custom designed drag bits, augers, blades, reamers, stabilizers, and cement mills. In addition to your needs for water well drilling, we also carry a wide variety of roller bits and button bits for all your drilling needs.

Tungsten Carbide Weld On Blades

We can make precision cut weld on blades for your drilling needs. Our blades come with industry standard tungsten carbide inserts. We have many blades in stock, or we can provide a design using your custom specifications. These are often used to weld onto casing at the job site for earth retention, secant pile walls, tiebacks, micropiling, etc.

Crushed Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing

For specialized applications, we can apply a crushed tungsten carbide base on your casing.

Claw Bits

We have a wide variety of claw bits available with custom machined threads and designs.

Blast Hole Bits

We have a wide variety of blast hole bits for mining. All Lone Star Bit, Blast Hole Bits are manufactured with Jet circulation. Compressed air is circulated through the system to cool and flush the matched precision bearings, to clean bit teeth and to remove cuttings from the hole. Jet circulation bits employ nozzles that direct the stream of air for optimum bottom-hole cleaning without a sand-blasting effect on the cutting structure. Nozzles are available in many sizes to meet the requirements of the customer's compressor. Shirt tail protection is provided on all Lone Star Bit Blast Hole Bits to retard the rate of wear caused by the regrinding of cuttings. This feature reduces the danger of wearing away the shirt tail which acts as a protection for the bearings. Tungsten carbide hardfacing is applied on the shirt tail to provide super abrasion resistance.