Founded in 1984, Lone Star Drill Bits is a full service manufacturer of drill bits, custom drilling tools and accessories.

We manufacture a wide range of drilling accessories from Drag Bits to Roller Cones to Subs and can provide a custom solution for your needs. We service all drilling markets, scientific, geotechnical, oil and gas, geothermal, water well, construction, horizontal & directional drilling and mining.

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We pride ourselves on quality. All of our equipment undergoes a stringent quality process and checklists to avoid defects and strive for continuous improvement at all times. This has helped Lone Star Bit in completing the projects / products, on time, every time. Lone Star's quality motto is "To delight customers by delivering defect free solutions consistently on time and within budgeted cost".


We are committed to quality and believe that our customers deserve the very best. If you are ever dissatisfied with any product or service, please contact us right away.


We provide full service custom products at a reasonable price. We can make just about anything for drilling and downhole from custom bits to custom drill pipe.


We can provide a variety of custom mechanical engineering and design services including finite element analysis. We have experience in the downhole and drilling tools market including gas compression other upstream production technologies.

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