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Drilling Riser

Our affiliated companies refurbish and service high quality drilling riser and flotation. We can provide all of your needs.

We have 10 certified welders and own a variety of welding machines. In addition to the capabilities listed below, our employees have many years of experience in welding and fabricating Offshore and Subsea products including Riser Adapters, Spiders, Tension Rings, Flex Joints, Tensioners, Slip Joints, Blow Out Preventers, and Marine Drilling Riser.

Highly Experienced

We have experience with refurbishing and repair all of the major brands and styles of Marine Drilling Riser Systems. These brands include Vetco, Varco Shaffer, Hughes Offshore. In addition, Risers International has the capability of making any type of new riser when provided the engineered drawings by the customer.

Flotation Repair

For over twenty years, we have been involved with buoyancy repair and refurbishment. We have experience in all types of syntactic foam technologies and depths.

Technical Description:

Each buoyancy module consists of elongate cylinders which are supplied in two or three discrete elements which surround the drill riser and ancillary lines. These elements are attached together using either an internal fastener or by external circumferential straps.

The internal fastener system consists of four threaded stainless steel (or titanium) studs or bolts that pass through the elements, held together by a washer/locknut arrangement. Recesses are provided to accommodate the stud/bolt system. Strengthening plates are provided to support and distribute the loads.

The external fastening system consists of Kevlar straps and tensioning assemblies which are placed around the outside of the elements. Recesses are provided to guide the straps around the outside surface of the elements as well as to minimize their exposure and possible damage during handling operations.

Circumferential raised support pads (or flexure lugs) are provided to ensure adequate clearance between the external surface of the riser and the internal surface of the modules when the riser pipe flexes during handling or installation. Additional axial recesses allow the ancillary lines to be accommodated.

Transverse recesses are provided to accommodate clamping and guidance equipment. For ease of stacking a flat surface typically 12" wide is provided on the outside surface of the buoyancy elements.